Nordgreen is a minimalist Scandinavian watch brand from Copenhagen. Our collection was designed by Jakob Wagner, one of the world's leading designers, and features four unique timepieces: the Native, the Infinity, the Philosopher and the Pioneer. Find the combination that best suits you: we have a wide range of high quality interchangeable straps.

Aesther Ekme

Aesther Ekme, founded in 2016 in Copenhagen by Stephane Park, is a leather goods label with a focus on purified and sculptural aesthetics. The idea of 'functional beauty' is carried through each collection, which takes classic shapes and pushes their boundaries to achieve both lightness and strength, purpose and sensibility.

Hender Scheme

"Gender" means social and cultural differences about sex, while "sex" refers to physical and biological differences Hender Scheme proposes a concept which surpasses the "gender" schema based on society, but returns to the idea of "sex" based on one's appearence.


Sandqvist was founded in 2004, initially as an experimental design project by three childhood friends; Anton, Daniel and Sebastian. The brand grew organically as a response to the lack of well-crafted, design-led, functional bags on offer at the time and disrupted the status-quo on how practicality can go hand-in-hand with design. Staying true to their Scandinavian roots, the three founders still believe in Swedish values: sustainability and care for the environment, high-quality designs and uncompromising functionality.


In over a decade since launching her label, Roksanda has evolved an unmistakable woman-centred design aesthetic. Stand out colour blocking, sculptural shapes, modern, distinctive cuts and her innovative use of fabrics and unerring attention to detail make up what are now Roksanda’s signature ready-to-wear and accessories. Sophisticated and feminine yet playful and effortless, her iconic collections are instantly recognisable to the burgeoning community of international women who enjoy them for their contemporary, distinct impact and enduring appeal.

Danse Lente

Danse Lente is a women’s accessories label specializing in handbags and small leather goods, based in London. Each piece is conceived in depth in order to create a purpose built product that will also create a unique experience to its predecessor. There is a playful and curious element to each design that appeals to a wide range of audiences.
Danse Lente, which means Slow Dance in French, focuses on high quality leather goods inspired by contemporary aesthetics and modern architecture.


côte&ciel was founded in Paris, 2008. By bringing together the worlds of fashion and industrial design, we provide stylish solutions to your carrying needs.


Derived from the French conjugation “Elle aime”, meaning “She Loves”; Elleme is our concept of putting forward each woman’s Uniqueness, Finesse and Strength. Based in Paris, and founded by Jingjing Fan, Elleme brings you meticulously designed pieces defined by Simplicity, Timelessness and Singularity.
Located at 19 Rue Ferdinand Duval, in the heart of the creative neighbourhood of Le Marais, Elleme’s store is at the junction of Paris’ most famous pedestrian street, Rue des Rosiers.
Where its colours, scents and visitors from around the world become a source of inspiration.


Having worked with Burberry and Anya Hindmarch, two of London’s most iconic brands, Esin Akan certainly knows a thing about luxury leather handbags. Esin offers a stylish solution for women on the go. Named after notable places in London, the collection is all about timeless, practical handbags that don’t compromise on style.


Kaizer is a lifestyle accessories brand in retail in the UAE since 2009. A three-point geometric defines the brand. Inspired by nature, engulfed by heritage crafting techniques, a unique patina develops through the lifetime of every product. A throwback to all that celebrates life, articles as individualistic as its user. Natural full grain leather forms the core of all products.


Featured in Crazy Rich Asians movie, Holstad & Co. is founded by designer, best friends and sisters, Natalie and Sandra Holstad. This Singapore based label creates exclusive pieces that celebrate you. From posh pearls to signature cocktail rings, Holstad & Co. specialises in exquisitely designed statement jewellery that embodies old-world luxury charm with a touch of modern edge.


Björn Hendal Watches are inspired by the early chronograph watches of the 1940s. With their elegant appearance, they exude the calmness and simplicity that typify Swedish design. Björn Hendal's contemporary 'New Vintage' designs have a classical and professional look.


ARIUM COLLECTIONrefines the ideas of simplicity, elegance and sophistication. The appeal lies not only in its fresh yet timeless aesthetics but also in its innovative self-adjusting design. Every piece is designed to complement individual identity of modern woman that accentuates her natural aura and femininity.


BEDAT & Co the leading craftsmen of fine timepieces for women was founded by Madame Simone Bédat. Inspired by Art deco era with femininity, elegance and timeless. 100% swiss made (A.O.S.C.). Thanks to the collaboration with the very best experts that collectively reflect the 500 years of genius horological mastery in traditional Swiss watchmaking, each watch comes with 5 years warranty.


COURONNE is an affordable luxury leather goods accessory brand from Seoul, Korea producing by idea of ‘simplicity’, ‘timeless chic’ and ‘exquisite color’. Simple but unique design of COURONNE is completed by high quality materials and master craftsmen ship which lead the brand to be the most popular in Korea.


Pleatation is a pleat-focused brand specialising in pleated products in Fashion, Stationery, Home and Lifestyle. With emphasis on designing unique and intricately pleated pieces, Pleatation produces its designs in small quantities, creating focus on quality and exclusivity.


In 1978, luxury Taiwan fashion house SHIATZY CHEN was established with the mission to create “neo-Chinese chic” that emphasised traditional Chinese craftsmanship and fusion of East and West. Each of SHIATZY CHEN collections features exquisite embroideries with a signature sense of style and contemporary aesthetics. The brand was dubbed “Chanel Of Taiwan” by French media, Le Monde.


Zhuélla strives to maintain high quality while adhering to the latest fashion trends in the design of all of our products. Each Zhuélla pearl is a natural pearl, selected by our pearl specialists and measured according to world pearl level standards. Zhuélla controls product quality through every stage of the process to create high-end boutique pearl jewelry and accessories.


ASHLEY LIM creates beautiful shoes that combine contemporary designs with high-quality craftsmanship. Architecturally inspired, every style is crafted to effortlessly transition from a confident nine-to-five to a vibrant evening with a superb level of comfort.


Pretty Ballerinas provides exquisite quality and comfortable shoes handmade by finest craftsmen in Menorca, Spain. Each shoe shape is named after a female screen or music icon to help customers remember the shape that suits them best.


A reflection of Thai soul through the lens of modernity – PHYA brings an artistic aesthetic to the world of fashion and places a great emphasis on the uniqueness of its designs and a product quality which is second to none


Nina Hauzer creates top quality leather bags and shoes ethically made in Spain with a retro-minimalist point of view, honoring the past but with a look to the future. Luxury leather shapes as lucky charms with a story to tell. A project created by Erika Stiglitz to honor her two grandmothers: Nina Zumpf and Ethel Hauzer.


“Marie De La Roche is a vibrant, indulgent, uniquely designed tribute to women everywhere who want to feel amazing at all times” Our work is the result of Portuguese artisans, Italian materials and a fierce Colombian heart A brand focused on elevating the global woman who knows what she wants through beautiful craftsmanship


Baggizmo is a tech fashion brand whose mission is to create high-end wearable technology products with high-quality materials and innovative designs. Our passion for modern design and technology has given us the inspiration to create stunning and functional products for modern urban commuters that fit any style, anywhere. With a Baggizmo bag, you carry more and travel light.


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